Department of Obstetrical & Gynecological Nursing


  • The aim of the Obstetrical and Gynecological department is to enrich the lives of women and children by offering the quality nursing education to professionals towards optimizing the health of women and children.


    • Develop an ability and skill to function independently as a team member, counselor, manager, supervisor and midwives.
    • Develop the basic obstetrical and gynecological knowledge and skill and apply it in practice of maternal nursing.
    • Integrate mental health in providing care to mother and family.
    • Provide family centered care to mother, newborn and family.
    • Demonstrate skill in conducting antenatal, postnatal and newborn assessment and early identification of complicating factors and provide preventive and curative care.
    • Demonstrate skill in conducting normal and abnormal deliveries and providing newborn care.
    • Identify the obstetric emergencies and provide appropriate evidence based care
    • Educate the family and community regarding family welfare services and participate in execution of family welfare services.
    • Incorporate evidence based nursing practice and identifies the areas of research in the field of obstetrical and gynecological nursing.

OBG Department Academic Calendar

  • Faculty training on planning and conducting Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE).
  • February – OBG clinical specialty Post graduate students synopsis and ethical committee presentation.
  •  March – women’s day celebration.
    • Health education to all female non teaching staff regarding preventive measures and screening for cervix cancer and Breast cancer.
    • Educate on Management of pre menopausal symptoms and care for women who attained menopause.
  • March – Add on course for 2nd P.B.B.Sc nursing on ‘Teaching Skills’
  • April – Add on Course for 1st year M.Sc nursing on ‘Teaching Skills’
  • May – International Midwives day.
    • Planned to organize seminar by 4th year B.Sc nursing students on role of midwives in providing optimize health care in maternal and newborn care.
  • June – Add on course for 4th year B.Sc nursing students on ‘Antenatal and Postnatal exercises’.
  • June – OBG Department research synopsis presentation and ethical committee presentation.
  • August – world Breast feeding week celebration. Department planned to conduct health education program at community area and selected primary health centre and sub centre.
  • September – PCOD Survey at junior colleges of Ambadas village and teach them regarding nutritional therapy and selected exercises to reduce the symptoms of PCOD.
  • October – Training programme for teachers on infection control measures in labor room.
  • November – Exhibition of graphical aids and models on obstetrical and gynecological care.
  • December – Workshop on Instrumental delivery for 3rd year GNM, 2nd Year ANM and 4th year B.Sc nursing students.