The objective of MES College of Nursing is to mould and empower students to pursue knowledge, values, and social responsibility. The Institute places a strong emphasis on students’ holistic development and offers them all the resources and assistance they need to nurture it.

              1. Intellectual development

The college uses carefully thought-out and productive teaching and learning activities to put the curriculum into practice. The college offers a variety of learning strategies, such as lectures, seminars, workshops, value-added courses, add-on courses, simulations, and hands-on experiences. Even students are encouraged to undertake research projects. These help students acquire knowledge through different learning styles that intern enhances their intellectual development.

             2. Physical development

The institute encourages students to participate in physical activities to help them develop physical fitness, teamwork, self-confidence, decision-making, mental toughness, etc. Every year institution organizes sports activities for the students that include a variety of sports like cricket, volleyball, throw the ball, kabaddi, Kho-Kho, chess, carom, etc. Boys and girls both participate in and show off their talents in these sports and as a result, their sportsmanship and capacity for teamwork develop. Every year, the institute celebrates International Yoga Day to encourage to do daily exercise.

             3. Emotional development-

The institute gives an appropriate amount of attention towards students’ emotional well-being. Students have assured interaction with faculty as a result of the mentor-mentee system that is in place. Students can discuss to the faculty about their academics and personal issues at these meetings. The mentor gives proper advice to the students. Various programmes like mind management, stress management, and personality development are arranged for the students to raise their self-confidence, to teach cope up strategies, self-control etc. Also, counselling sessions are arranged to overcome students from their problems.

             4. Social development

The institute conducts a number of programmes that develop social skills. The students engage in initiatives to raise public awareness of a variety of pressing issues, including female feticide, women’s health, Swatch Bharat, etc. While doing so, they also become conscious of societal problems and consider potential solutions. Institute also celebrates various festivals, Annual gatherings, and a celebration of commemorative days which provide an opportunity for students to engage in social activities and develop social skills, such as communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

Students are taken on excursion trips to historical places; they learn a variety of cultural values based on geographical importance. Students join various social groups like Rotaract club through which they devotedly work for the concern of the community like flood relief, assisting the injured in case of road traffic accidents etc.

            5. Spiritual development

Every day in the morning all students and faculty assemble for daily prayer. Also each year there is a celebration of festivals like Ganesh festival, Dussehra celebration by which students learn about culture as well as traditional values of Indian festivals.