Department of Community Health Nursing


The Department of community health Nursing aims to develop skills in nursing students to promote and preserve the health of the population.


  • Understand the epidemiology of disease in community.
  • Demonstrate skills in assessment of an individual and develop rapport with family and community at large.
  • Find out health needs of the clients & family to provide family oriented health care in Urban and Rural Community.
  • Perform physical, developmental and nutritional assessment of individuals, families and groups
  • Apply the concepts of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health while providing care to the people.
  • Provide health education at different settings in the Urban and Rural community.
  • Conduct health camps, immunization clinics, community health nursing care projects. etc.


Sr. No. Month Event
1 February Guest Lecture
2 March General Health checkup camp
3 April Health awareness programme at primary and secondary school
4 May School health camp
5 June Training of healthcare workers
6 July Geriatric assessment programme
7 August Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
8 September Tree plantation
9 October Value added course on disaster management
10 November World diabetes day
11 December World AIDS Day